Frequently Asked Questions

Irrigation Systems

What things should I consider when deciding to install an irrigation system?

Without question, the number one consideration is quality. Most consumers don’t know this, but there are many different manufacturers of sprinkler irrigation parts. We’ve chosen to build our business by only using the very best quality materials. Using higher-quality, more durable parts saves our customers money in the long run because fewer repairs will be necessary. We’ve also chosen to combine these top-quality parts and supplies with our goal of delivering outstanding customer service. We don’t drop a quote on your door when you’re not home—it’s important we meet with our customers and get a feel for your requirements, interests and budget. Only then can we design the right system to meet your specific needs. We take the time to understand your questions and concerns, ensuring you have the best system possible.

Will I need to hire a plumber?

Our installation quote includes the service of a licensed, professional plumber to install a backflow preventer if you don’t have one. This is a code requirement and it’s very important the installation is done correctly. Irrigation systems are very safe to use—but no system is perfect. A backflow preventer keeps fertilizer, pesticides, or any other material out of your family’s drinking water. We can’t stress enough the importance of having the backflow preventer installed properly.

Will an irrigation system really save me money?

Absolutely! The whole point of any watering system is to get moisture down to the roots of the grass plant. When a manual sprinkler is running, we find they’re often not used long enough (so the water sits on the blades of the grass and barely moistens the soil)…or left on for far too long (the ground gets saturated and the water runs on to the sidewalk). This is true for older in-ground sprinklers as well. We love the newer irrigation parts and technology. From the sprinkler heads to the control panels, each new generation of irrigation systems saves more water than the one before. We use these updated systems with new installations, and can even retrofit older systems. Customers find they use less water (and it’s more effectively applied), and are seeing a 30%–70% savings on their water bills. In fact, Rock Solid has become recognized as Minnesota’s Leader in Water Conservation.

Do I need to hire an electrician?

No. The control box needs electricity to function. When we install your irrigation system we also install the electrical controls needed to run the control box. We have a licensed limited power/low voltage electrician on our team and it’s his job to ensure that all the proper steps are taken for a safe installation. This is a critical safety issue and we’re diligent about maintaining our certification.

Landscape Design & Installation

Do you have photographs of past jobs that show your work?

Yes, you can view our gallery online or ask your Rock Solid representative to show you our portfolio when you meet.

How many years experience do you have in landscape design?

The pros at Rock Solid have 20 years experience in landscape design. We’ve created stunning outdoor spaces for every size, environment and budget imaginable. In fact, because of our expertise, attention to detail, exceptional customer service and use of the highest quality materials, our reputation as the go-to landscape design firm in the metro had continued to grow.

What is your landscape design background?

Our highly-respected lead designer has worked in landscaping his entire career, taking on every possible position, from crew member to foreman to designer. His talent speaks for itself in the overwhelming satisfaction of our customers.

What is included in a design package?

We begin by listening to you. In our initial meeting, we hear what you want, what you envision and how much you can afford to spend. We ask questions, make suggestions, look over your property and even preliminarily review some landscape materials. The second time we meet, we present you with hand-drawn sketches to scale that reflect your ideas. We’ll present you with samples and/or brochures of materials from which to choose your hardscapes as well as plants and trees. We’ll even show you how your greenery will look in full bloom and during dormancy. We’ll make any changes that you request and present you with a preliminary cost estimate. Should you desire more extensive changes, we’ll make them, then meet with you one last time to confirm final design and price, as well as any planting, irrigation or lighting plans if relevant. At this point, you receive all construction documents necessary to begin pulling permits. It’s important to us to make you feel heard. That’s why we take a consultative approach, offering you the benefit of our expertise, but in the end, making sure your landscape is a reflection of your style.

How do you charge for your services?

When you hire Rock Solid to perform your landscaping, our design work becomes part of your package at no additional cost to you. If you’re only interested in hiring us for landscape design, we’ll do that too for a fee to be determined upon our initial meeting. As many contractors do, we ask for half down at the time of your contract signing, and the final payment at the time of project completion, making payment easy and affordable for our customers.

Landscape Lighting

Are there multiple options available for lighting?

We’ll be happy to recommend the ideal lighting to suit your landscape and budget when we meet with you during your initial consultation. From pathway lighting for safety, to spotlights that shine upward to illuminate trees, pillars and buildings; from wall lights installed next to the steps on your deck to improve nighttime visibility, to lights that cast radiance on a patio sitting wall—we can add dazzling luminosity to your outdoor living space so you can extend the time you enjoy there each day.

What lighting manufacturers do you recommend?

We work with a variety of brand name manufacturers who produce quality lighting in a wide range of prices. However, we do often find that our customers appreciate the style, quality and variety of lighting from either Kitchler or Unique.

Do you have catalogs from which we can choose our lighting?

We do and since we’re so well-versed on the options within your budget, we can also make recommendations.

Can you show me any pictures of past jobs?

Yes, you can view our gallery online or ask your Rock Solid representative to show you our portfolio when you meet.

Will we need to call in an electrician or do you handle everything start to finish?

Unless you have a design that requires wiring, there’s generally no need for an electrician. However, if we do require an electrician’s services, we’ll recommend a certified, licensed professional with whom we’ve worked in the past, and whose work is in keeping with our commitment to quality and service.

Water Features

Are there several options from which we can choose?

Yes, we’re proud to say we do everything from ponds, to waterfalls to pondless waterfalls. Water features are a wonderful way to add beauty and sound to your garden and patio.

Can you show me any pictures of past jobs?

Yes, you can view our gallery online or ask your Rock Solid representative to show you our portfolio when you meet.

Do we need to call in a plumber or electrician?

It depends on the water feature. We do partner with some highly regarded, reputable professionals with whom we’ve worked in the past. If the project requires it, we’ll bring them in so that you’re not wasting your time searching out plumbers or electricians.

What expenses are involved in owning and operating a water feature?

Water features are quite popular these days and they’re fairly inexpensive to own and operate. Of course, you’ll want to keep your water feature maintained so it may require maintenance or cleaning from time to time. Also, your water and electric charges will increase slightly. However, how much of an increase is dependent upon whether you’re running your water feature constantly (like a waterfall) or shutting down the pump at night. It’s completely up to you.

Fire Pits

Are there several styles and options available?

Yes, we can custom build or assemble your fire pit from a kit of your choice. We do above ground, underground, square or round, natural stone or prefab fire pits.

Do you have catalogs from which we can choose our fire pit? Do you recommend any particular manufacturers?

Yes and yes. We’ll show you options that work for your landscape and suit your style. We find we most often work with materials and kits from Anchor or Borgert.

Can you show me any pictures of past jobs?

Yes, you can view our gallery online or ask your Rock Solid representative to show you our portfolio when you meet.

Do we need any kind of special permit for a fire pit?

No, though your fire pit dimensions will be dictated by city code.

Lawn Care

What kind of lawn care services do you offer?

Our hard-working crew performs lawn mowing, trimming, fertilizing, spring and fall cleanups and weed control, including spot spraying.

Do you belong to any lawn care organizations or associations?

Yes, we do — the Minnesota Landscape Association.

Do you use organic or natural fertilizer that’s safe for use around people or pets?


What services do you offer to help improve the health of my lawn?

We want you to enjoy a beautiful, thick green lawn, so Rock Solid offers a wide range of services to improve the health of your soil and grass. We can design a customized lawn care package based on your needs that may include mowing, trimming, core aeration, fertilizing, weed spraying, fall cleanup, spring thatching/power raking, crabgrass killer and irrigation service. Go to our lawn care  and irrigation pages to read more details, call us at 763-398-0739 or stop by our showroom. We’ll be happy to discuss our lawn care services with you.

When mowing, do you leave clippings on the lawn, bag, or mulch?

We don’t bag clippings. It’s actually healthier for your lawn to leave clippings on the grass after mowing. They act as organic mulch. We can bag if you request it for an additional fee.

Landscape Supplies

What kind of landscape supplies do you sell?

Rock Solid no longer carries landscape supplies. However, we do partner with Bebergs Landscape Supply, a popular local retailer with a wide selection of quality rock, mulch, soil, flagstone, patio pavers, boulders, and more. For more information, you can contact them at 763-862-0400 or visit their showroom at 13535 Grouse St. NW, Andover, MN.