6 Landscape Design Projects You Can Start Planning for Right Now!

6 Landscape Design Projects You Can Start Planning for Right Now!Ready, set … is it spring yet? Snow. Flurries. Screaming wind. Yup…it’s official. November has finally arrived. For those among us who live for soft, warm breezes, BBQs on the patio, and grass that tickles our toes, the countdown to spring has begun. And as long as we’re thinking about next April, it wouldn’t hurt to do a little advanced planning. (Besides flannel underwear, carbs, and hot chocolate, what else is going to get you … [Read more...]

Six Landscaping Ideas & Trends to Try

Spruce up your space this springNobody expects your grounds to be the gardens at Versailles, but if your backyard consists of nothing but crabgrass, a decomposing picnic table, and a rusty swing set, you might want to consider updating your outdoor space. Why not try some new landscaping ideas trending right now?  Just think of the hours you and your family will spend enjoying those lovely spring and summer days at home, right there, in your own backyard.Why not try some of these trends?Grass … [Read more...]

The Cure for Cabin Fever — Minnesota Home and Garden Shows

We feel your pain. Locked inside the house for months with bored children, dry skin, a cupboard overflowing with carbs, and nothing left to stream on Netflix but documentaries about the origin of string. Cabin fever can be ruthless. Fortunately, we’ve got the cure. Go ahead. Take a breath. Change out of those sweat pants. Jump in your car (after you’ve had someone jump the battery) and head out to a Minnesota home and garden show. Once there, reawaken your senses to that wonderful aroma of … [Read more...]

Dog Days To-Dos — Lawn Care Tips

Keep your lawn from looking “RUFF” The signs are all there — Christmas decorations are out at Target, parents are counting down the days until school starts again, you’ve accepted that you’re probably not going to be beach-body-ready until next June. The dog days of summer are upon us. And probably the last thing you want right now is a reminder that winter’s wicked chill is just around the corner. Fortunately, there’s still tons of good weather ahead and lots of lawn care and gardening to … [Read more...]

Drought and Irrigation

How to win a turf war with Mother Nature We’ve been pretty lucky so far this season. It seems like we’ve had just about the right amount of rainfall. However, there is a LOT of summer left. Let a week or two or five of no rain come to pass and your lawn will suddenly start to look combustible. As California’s historic drought shows, Mother Nature can be pretty cruel when she wants to be. So, what exactly happens to your lawn during drought? Faded appearance. Drought thirsty lawns lack … [Read more...]

Trends in Water Features

Come on in! The water’s fine! Thinking about adding a water feature to your outdoor living space this summer? Great! Water features add visual appeal, soothing sound, and a calming peace to any patio or garden area. Consider one of these for your space: Garden pond. Decorated with gorgeous flowering or non-flowering aquatic plants and populated by a few koi or goldfish, the garden pond is a popular favorite with homeowners. Traditional ponds that require ongoing maintenance (filters, … [Read more...]

Trends in Outdoor Lighting

See the light(s)! For those who are gone all day, but ready to play at night, outdoor lighting illuminates the way for after-hours living. Why stumble around in the dark when you can see the light with these latest trends? LED lights. Used mostly for effect or as a design element, LEDs (light emitting diodes) add ambiance to an outdoor space. Reflector lights. You can’t see it from outer space, but a reflector light has the power to illuminate! Place under a tree to cast light upward … [Read more...]

How to Choose a Good MN Landscape Company

4 questions to ask before you say, “I do.” Choosing a MN Landscape Company can be a little like choosing a mate. It’s important to learn as much as possible ahead of time to ensure your ultimate satisfaction with the relationship. The following four questions should help you weed out prospective lawn care and landscape companies who might not be what they seem on the surface. (Bonus—these questions can also be used to weed out prospective mates before you bring them home to meet your … [Read more...]

From Lawn Care to Lawn Chairs

A checklist for your summertime backyard event It’s that time of year again…grads graduating, brides and grooms marrying, families reuniting and you…you’re freaking out. Your lawn is nowhere near ready for that party, reception, or gathering you’re planning you need help NOW! First, get a brown paper bag and breathe into it. Better? Okay, now look over the handy checklist below and RELAX! You’ve got this! One month before Irrigation Systems — You want that yard looking like a person could … [Read more...]

Lawn Irrigation Tips — how much water is just right?

Improper irrigation can be a real horror story!First it’s too much rain, then there’s not enough. There’s either a flood or a drought, feast or famine, too hot or too cold. As a homeowner you start to feel a little like Goldilocks. All you want is a good-looking, healthy lawn. So how much water is just right?Water loggedToo much water on your lawn can lead to a lot of problems, like drowned grass roots, increased disease and fungus, more weeds, loss of nutrients, and on and on. Whether it’s you … [Read more...]