6 Landscape Design Projects You Can Start Planning for Right Now!

Drawing a landscape design plan

6 Landscape Design Projects You Can Start Planning for Right Now!Ready, set … is it spring yet?

Snow. Flurries. Screaming wind. Yup…it’s official. November has finally arrived. For those among us who live for soft, warm breezes, BBQs on the patio, and grass that tickles our toes, the countdown to spring has begun. And as long as we’re thinking about next April, it wouldn’t hurt to do a little advanced planning. (Besides flannel underwear, carbs, and hot chocolate, what else is going to get you through these next five months?) Set your dial to daydream and consider these landscape design projects for next spring:


Isn’t time you finally treated yourself to the patio of your dreams? One with a built-in grill center or a fire pit? One at which you spend time with family, entertain friends, or just spend a lazy weekend alone relaxing in a hammock? Guess what? If you start planning your patio now, you could have your materials bought and paid for and construction begun as early as next April (weather and frost permitting). Don’t forget, adding a patio adds value to your home — making it a great investment!


Maximize your outdoor living space and add drama and style to your patio with a pergola. Add lattice to your pergola for more shade and privacy and to accommodate climbing vines like clematis and honeysuckle. Hang planters from the pergola rafters or drape weather-proof fabric to create a romantic, flowing ambiance and shelter from the rain.

Garden path

A beautiful garden path created with pavers invites visitors in to admire your blooms without trampling them, while creating a flow and connection between your garden and patio. Line your path with outdoor lights for a whimsical look that also offers safe passage across your yard in the evening.

Water feature

Imagine yourself lounging beside your own personal waterfall, the cascading aqua sparkling in the sun, the soothing sound of water as it tumbles over rocks to the pond below. This kind of experience isn’t reserved for the rich and famous, but completely do-able in your own humble and lovely back yard. From fountains to bubblers, ponds to pondless waterfalls, a water feature is a delightful addition to any outdoor living space.

Retaining wall

A beautifully built retaining wall shores up loose soil, adds definition and boundaries to patio areas, makes a steep slope easier and safer to navigate, and even adds visual interest to a yard. Like a patio, they add value to your home and when built with sustainable materials, have less of an impact on the environment.

Irrigation system

You’ve thought about it for years. Through the hassle of moving hoses around your yard in the blazing sun to the nights you suddenly realized you’d forgotten about the running sprinkler that had by that time, watered one patch of your lawn for 12 straight hours. It is time! Get that irrigation system. Stop worrying about hoses, save money on your water bill, and get a great looking lawn to boot! Is it spring yet? NO? Well, at least you can plan for spring right now with our landscape designer or irrigation specialist so that when the actual time does arrive, you’re ready and set to go.