Outdoor Water Features — cool off your days

Whether you’d prefer the sight of a shimmering pond or the sound of rushing water in outdoor water fountains, Rock Solid can install a lovely water feature in your garden or outdoor living space.

Pondless waterfallWater features promote tranquility, enhance any landscape design, and add to the value of your yard and patio.

If you’re thirsting for something different in your outdoor décor, consider:

  • Ponds and waterfalls for pleasing sensory aesthetics
  • Pondless waterfalls for both beauty and affordability
  • Fountains or bubblers that add the music of trickling water to your landscape

Visit our photo gallery to see the outdoor water features we’ve installed, then contact Rock Solid to cool off your days.

Call us today at 763-398-0739 to talk about adding ponds, fountains, and waterfalls to your landscape.