Lawn Sprinkler Irrigation Systems — who else wants a lush, thick, green lawn?

All across the Twin Cities, and even beyond the metro, homeowners, gardeners, and commercial property owners count on Rock Solid for their complete underground sprinkler irrigation systems. From installation to service to maintenance, Rock Solid irrigation delivers the kind of lush, thick, green lawns that customers love. As an Irrigation Association’s Certified Irrigation Contractor and a proud member of the Minnesota Landscape Association, the pros at Rock Solid approach the irrigation of every customer’s lawn with knowledge, experience and a dedication to the highest quality service. In fact, Rock Solid has been recognized as a “Minnesota Leader in Water Conservation” because of our commitment to water conservation and devices that irrigate more efficiently and effectively, saving both water and money. But that’s not all. Rock Solid stands out from all the rest because we offer:

  • A competitive 100% warranty on all installations, so you can be sure your system and lawn are protected.
  • Top-quality parts and materials for long-lasting, low maintenance irrigation systems
  • Irrigation system designs that allow for expansion should you remodel, cultivate a new garden space or upgrade your landscape or hardscapes.
  • A true dedication and commitment to the very best in customer service. That means timely scheduling, prompt response to calls and e-mails, and attention to details that continually prompts rave reviews from our customers.

Professional installation done right

Lawns are essentially “microclimates,” a unique combination of soil, slope, shade, gardens, trees, and shrubs impacted by winds, drought and precipitation. Because we’re landscape specialists, we take the time and care to consider all these factors.  The Rock Solid irrigation process includes:

  • Design and planning. The first step toward growing your lovely green lawn. We design and install the ideal irrigation system that suits your specific needs.
  • Materials. We use only top-quality irrigation system materials for reduced maintenance, long-lasting functionality, and savings on water.
  • Installation. We strive to complete your installation in just one day and schedule it at a time that’s convenient for you.
  • EZ-FLO “Fertigation” service. An option that can be added to your system that stores a year’s worth of safe, organic fertilizer, which is dispersed through the irrigation system. Insect, mosquito, and other pest supplements are also available.

Keeping your system running smoothly

An efficient, smooth-running irrigation system needs some ongoing care. Rock Solid offers several maintenance services to keep your sprinkler system in tip-top condition.

  • Spring start up. In the spring, we offer turn-on services for your sprinkler system that includes checking and setting timers, adjusting settings, along with checking sprinkler heads and other system parts.
  • Maintenance. Once your system is installed, we’ll continue to take care of it with an ongoing yearly maintenance contract. And of course, should your system ever require repairs, you can count on us to complete them with speed, skill, and care.
  • Upgrades. If you have an existing, older system, we can upgrade it to incorporate the newest water-saving parts.
  • Winterization. Leaving water in the pipes all winter can result in burst pipes or broken sprinkler heads.  At the end of the season, we’ll “blow out” and winterize your system. Have a system from another supplier? We can winterize it for you.

Yearly irrigation maintenance contracts


Submit full payment by December 31 to save $30 off your yearly irrigation maintenance contract!

Routine maintenance and repairs can extend the life of your system while maintaining its excellent performance. Our yearly contract includes:

  1. Spring start-up
    • Turn water on
    • Calibrate program control panel
    • Install new battery for back-up
    • Adjust all heads
    • Inspect overall system
  2. Discount on repairs
    • Save 10% on all parts
    • Save 10% on all labor
    • Get 2 free service calls
    • Enjoy priority scheduling
  3. Winterization
    • Blow out sprinkler lines in fall (up to 9 zones)

Call us today at 763-398-0739 for more information or for a FREE, no-obligation consultation on an irrigation system for your lawn.