Six Landscaping Ideas & Trends to Try

Outdoor Gardens

Spruce up your space this spring

Nobody expects your grounds to be the gardens at Versailles, but if your backyard consists of nothing but crabgrass, a decomposing picnic table, and a rusty swing set, you might want to consider updating your outdoor space. Why not try some new landscaping ideas trending right now?  Just think of the hours you and your family will spend enjoying those lovely spring and summer days at home, right there, in your own backyard.

Why not try some of these trends?

  1. Grass roots movement. When it comes to lawns, drought, flooding, and changing weather patterns are having a big impact these days. Rather than suffer through a summer with a big old patch of brown straw on their lawns, homeowners are opting for less turf, more hardscapes, and drought-tolerant foliage.
  2. The water’s fine. Is it possible to tire of the musical sound of trickling water in an outdoor space? Apparently not. Whether pond or pondless, a cascading waterfall or bubbling fountain, there’s just something so peaceful and Zen about a water feature, which is why so many are giving this a try.
  3. Birds and bees. Concerns over dwindling bee populations explains the buzz around gardening with bee-friendly plants that are pesticide- and herbicide-free.
  4. Great outdoors. Folks are finding that extending their indoors to the outdoors is the perfect way to spend dazzling summer days. They’re putting in pergolas, outdoor kitchens, expansive patios with built-in seating, and fire pits to keep things cozy well into autumn.
  5. Light it up. Starlight is wonderful, but it won’t illuminate the garden path the way customized lighting can. That’s why lots of people are adding pathway lights, garden lights, pool, patio, and entry way lights to make their outdoor living space safe and welcoming.
  6. High water mark. Eco-conscious consumers are opting for smart irrigation systems when it comes to keeping their grass green. These systems save up to 50% on water, which in turn, saves some serious green for the homeowner.

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